On some nights, the command is a little off and the breaking pitches aren’t breaking quite right, but like a true ace, you persevere on pure grit and put your team in position to win. That’s kinda like how this week’s podcast went down. Ralph Lifshitz and I start by bemoaning the Vogelbach demotion, then move onto our favorite MLB targets in Dynasty Leagues, before doing what we do best, and talking our favorite prospect targets.

Click here for the Razzball Prospect Podcast: Top Dynasty Targets for 2017 Fantasy Baseball

By Michael Halpern (@MichaelCHalpern)
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4 thoughts on “Razzball Prospect Podcast: Top Dynasty Targets for 2017 Fantasy Baseball

  1. Help I need some Halp! Phrase dyslexic? I have a chance of competing but I’m all about the young dudes. Have to give up one of my 3rd base guys with high upside this year (Franco or lamb) to get 2 of either meadows, Brinson, Zimmer, or oneil. Am i holding for current value or pull the trigger for the prospect glam?

    1. haha … I really like the value of Franco and Lamb, but getting Meadows and Brinson would be tough to pass up, especially dealing from surplus. I think I like Lamb a little better, so I would probably lean Franco, although it is close. And I don’t think making that deal is getting too carried away with prospects. Those are two universally praised studs. It is tough to get a better prospect package than that for anybody.

  2. Do you have a couple of suggestions for players that might produce to a certain extent numbers like Edwin Diaz did last year? Not only for saves but for holds.

    1. Obviously will be tough to predict someone doing what Diaz did last year, but I think Jacob Barnes is a good sleeper bullpen guy. Had some of the best whiff rates in his small sample in the Majors last year. Even deeper, Josh Smoker is an interesting option who has been killing it in Spring and drawing a lot of praise from coaches. Both of those guys have the prototypical back end bullpen stuff too. A more obvious name would be someone like Joe Jimenez, or if any of the top pitching prospects debut in the pen too (Glasnow, Hader, Kopech etc …)

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