I promised Grey I wouldn’t bring up anything to try to set him off this podcast, but he still found ways to get annoyed all on his own, starting with the fact he wants to be hyped up more during the introduction. He was also confused by the one word, “endorphin” fueled texts Ralph Lifshitz often sends him, who we brought on at the midway point of the podcast to talk about the recent call-ups of Rafael Devers and Yoan Moncada, along with discussing a few pitchers on his Top 100 Starters article, including Alex Wood, Rich Hill, and Aaron Nola. Before we brought Ralph on, Grey and I dug into the J.D. Martinez and Todd Frazier trades, while also discussing the potential landing spots for the top players remaining on the trade market. Finally, we give RotoWear.com a full on 3-headed endorsement with Grey, Ralph, and I talking up our favorite t-shirts, and hope you guys get in on the fun by heading over there and entering promo code “SAGNOF” for 15% off.

Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast: 2017 MLB Trade Deadline

By Michael Halpern (@MichaelCHalpern)
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4 thoughts on “Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast: 2017 MLB Trade Deadline

  1. Halp! I need halp… get it… cause… ooook let’s move on. Would you consider this a good get for Kris Bryant in a 30 team dynasty league 5×5 with obp. Willie Calhoun, Harrison Bader, Forrest Whitley, Nick Castellanos & 1st round pick this year rookie draft (everyone from this years MLB draft is available + the bonus babies from this year) Also some notable prospects in the top 100 and top 200 that have jumped since the start of the year are available for that draft. It would be that for Kris Bryant, I could have Sixto Sanchez but i would have to remove Forrest Whitley & Draft Pick.

    1. haha … sorry for the delay, my comments notifications aren’t working quite right recently. Nah, it would take a lot more than that. That offer is kinda real weak for Bryant.

      1. Well damn, i accepted it figured running Harrison Bader instead of Guillermo Heredia at OF and running Willie Calhoun instead of T.J Rivera at 2B for the next two years would have made it worth it with it being a 30 team dynasty.

        1. haha … Willie has a chance to be a real fantasy stud, so if he hits like I think he will, you should be ok. And the other pieces are really good too, so you should be fine.

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