Mid-Season Top 100 prospect list season is just heating up, and Imaginary Brick Wall will be ranking at least the top 100 dynasty/fantasy baseball prospects over the next week. We begin today with the top 15. Here are the 2017 Mid-Season Top 100 Dynasty/Fantasy Baseball Prospect Rankings: 1-15:

*Prime Projection: R/HR/RBI/AVG/OBP/SLG/SB – These projections are meant to give you a general idea of what I think about a prospect’s future stat profile in a relatively good outcome scenario.

1) Yoan Moncada CHW, 2B – 28.1% strikeout rate makes it reasonable to drop Moncada from the top spot, but his power, patience, and speed are all still there, and he is knocking on the door of the bigs. Prime Projection: 105/24/85/.273/.365/.482/34 ETA: July

2) Victor Robles WASH, OF – Power has ticked up at High-A with a career best .235 ISO while maintaining his plus hit tool. Prime Projection: 107/18/78/.293/.361/.457/28 ETA: 2018

3) Rafael Devers BOS, 3B – Dave Dombrowski is known for his propensity to both call up prospects directly from Double-A and to also flip them like flapjacks. Will he trade Michael Chavis and a couple pitching prospects for some mediocre MLB 3B rental, or will he just give Devers the call already? Prime Projection: 90/31/110/.287/.358/.511/5 ETA: 2017

4) Vlad Guerrero Jr. TOR, 3B –  Absurd 10.9% strikeout rate as an 18-year-old in full season ball, and looks so much like his dad, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Vlad Jr. was really a clone from some super-secret government program. Maybe the future of baseball will be all Ted Williams clones created from his frozen head. Prime Projection: 96/30/108/.290/.369/.508/8 ETA: 2019

5) Brendan Rodgers COL, SS – Dominated High-A with a .400/.419/.700 triple-slash in 48 games, and Trevor Story’s struggles leaves the door wide open for him at SS. The 2.7% walk rate does give me some pause that there could be an adjustment period at higher levels.  Prime Projection: 88/28/105/.279/.334/.497/7 ETA: 2018

6) Kyle Tucker HOU, OF – The power explosion already happened towards the end of last year, but everyone seems to be just catching up to it now, as Tucker has blasted 16 homers in 74 games split between High-A and Double-A. Prime Projection: 93/26/97/.278/.363/.488/14 ETA: 2018

7) Eloy Jimenez CHC, OF – The shoulder injury hasn’t slowed Eloy down at all, as he smashed 7 homers in his first 35 games at High-A, all while improving both his BB% (11.1%) and K% (15.6%). Prime Projection: 87/34/112/.276/.347/.513/6 ETA: 2018

8) Amed Rosario NYM, SS – Does a little bit of everything with more raw speed and raw power than shows up in his minor league numbers. If anyone is going to be the next Derek Jeter, I think it will be Rosario. Prime Projection: 100/15/71/.291/.342/.442/19 ETA: When the Mets get their head out of their ass

9) Gleyber Torres NYY, SS/3B – Before the elbow injury, Torres was proving scouts right about his advanced make-up and baseball mind, slashing .287/.383/.480, with 7 homers, 7 steals, and a 47/30 K/BB in 55 games split between Double-A and Triple-A. The injury shouldn’t dampen his long term outlook all that much. Prime Projection: 95/22/92/.285/.361/.476/9 ETA: 2018

10) Ronald Acuna ATL, OF – I’m really digging Atlanta’s strategy of being aggressive with their top prospects, and not one of them has made them regret it, including Acuna, who is OPS’ing .823 with 5 homers and 16 steals in Double-A as a 19-year-old. Prime Projection: 93/21/88/.282/.350/.473/18 ETA: 2018

11) Lewis Brinson MIL, OF – 31 at-bat MLB debut was ugly (.097/.200/.161), and the stellar Triple-A numbers (.942 OPS) are boosted by Colorado Springs and the PCL (.684 Road OPS), so while the raw ability remains the same, the hit tool is still very much a question. Prime Projection: 86/26/81/.260/.327/.466/17 ETA: 2017

12) Clint Frazier NYY, OF – Power has ticked up while maintaining his contact and walk rates. Also, every prospect writer is obligated by law handed down from the prospect gods to mention his “legendary” bat speed and flowing orange hair. Prime Projection: 88/24/89/.280/.348/.479/10 ETA: 2017

13) Nick Senzel CIN, 3B – A doubles machine at High-A with 26 doubles in 62 games, and has more or less done what he was expected to do. The over the fence power hasn’t shown up yet, but Cincinnati’s bandbox will help, and he has the stolen base speed to make up for it in fantasy anyway. Prime Projection: 91/19/85/.280/.343/.468/14 ETA: 2018

14) Austin Meadows PIT, OF – Another hamstring injury has him on the shelf for the next few weeks, and while his 16.7% K% and 8.2% BB% show that he wasn’t overmatched at Triple-A, his power was almost non-existent. If not for the hamstring injury, I would have been tempted to mostly give him a pass, but the down numbers and accumulating injury red flags are too much to ignore. Prime Projection: 89/20/81/.281/.354/.465/16 ETA: 2017

15) Derek Fisher HOU, OF – Why play one of the best outfielders on your team when you are far and away the best team in the AL without him? I don’t know the answer, but MLB needs to figure out a way to incentivize teams to actually play their best players instead of playing washed up vets just because they are on the payroll. Prime Projection: 84/25/86/.264/.346/.470/14 ETA: 2017

*Raimel Tapia was excluded from this list, although he is still technically a prospect

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By Michael Halpern (@MichaelCHalpern)
Email: michaelhalpern@imaginarybrickwall.com
Twitter: Imaginary Brick Wall (@ImaginaryBrickW)

19 thoughts on “2017 Mid-Season Top 100 Dynasty/Fantasy Baseball Prospect Rankings: 1-15

  1. Super pumped for these rankings! Thx man. Scrolled immediately to Acuna’s name. Glad he made top 10. Robles hasn’t exactly been a speed demon in A+ with 13SBs and 7CSs. Any worry on how the speed will play in the upper minors?

    1. Thanks man! Yea, I’m starting to lean more and more toward stolen base success rate in the minors, but I’m giving Robles a pass for a small sample because of his pure speed. I dinged his stolen base projection from the off-season by a few, and it is on my mind too.

      1. Oh one more question. I’ve been really intrigued by Mondesi lately. If he was still eligible to be a prospect where about would you rank him? Thx again

  2. I’ve been waiting for these as I’m going back and forth in who to acquire in a trade: Tyler O’Neill or Ramon Laureano. I’m not sure the offer will still be on the table for the next update. Who do you prefer?

  3. Solid stuff as always, Halp!

    Would Tapia have cracked this list? I was having the debate with a friend over whether Tapia’s ceiling would be off-peak Ichiro as long as he stays in Coors (90 – .290 – 10 – 50 – 25 SB with low Ks/BBs).

    1. Thanks, Thorbs! Yea, Tapia would have probably been right ahead of Senzel. And I like that comparison. I think he can develop more power than that, but I do think that is a fair stat line.

    1. Nope. Alex Reyes was close though. Especially for fantasy, there really isn’t any no doubt dominant starters in the minors I would take over the top hitters. There are a whole bunch of very, very good one though.

  4. Halp! Great write-up as always, i think Kyle Tucker is in for some good times down in Houston. I’m currently having some depth problems in my 16 Dynasty league h2h, have been offered Jedd Gyorko for Kyle Tucker and i’m having a hard time accepting, Jedd would help solve a lot of problems i’m currently sitting in 3rd place going into the second half. My current OF is Domingo Santana, Michael A. Taylor, Nomar Mazara, Byron Buxton, Avisail Garcia, Corey Dickerson and Andrew Benintendi we only play 3 OF plus the two UTIL spots so they mostly rotate in those spots. Should i pull the trigger or just wait it out.

    1. Thanks, appreciate it. I’m with you on Tucker, which is why I would be hesitant to move him for Gyorko. I feel like Tucker should be able to bring back a more established player. Gyorko is looking like a pretty good player, so maybe I’m underrating him just because of track record, but I still wouldn’t go for it.

      1. Sounds good, wanted to ask where do you think Josh Donaldson’s value is at in a 16 team Dynasty h2h? If i wanted to move him should i target a top 30 hitter + top 30 pitcher and a mid level prospect? I know it varies depending on what the other team has, but i just want to know What range should i target as a return for him.

          1. Thanks for the feedback, on the Kyle Tucker trade, i’ve been offered Puig, Gyorko & can pick up Ryan McMahon to take up his place NA

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