It’s been a little while since I banged one of these out, so let’s forego the small talk and get right to it. Here is the 2017 Fantasy/Dynasty Baseball Minor League Prospects Rundown: Week 5-ish:

Yoan Moncada CHW, 2B – Apparently, a triple-slash of .342/.414/.538 with 6 homers and 9 steals at Triple-A isn’t enough for the Chicago White Sox to call up one of the best 21-year-old baseball players in the world. Sorry baseball fans, you’ll have pay $50 for MiLB.TV if you want to catch a glimpse of Moncada on video equipment that looks like it was purchased from the Salvation Army.

Derek Fisher HOU, OF – One of my favorite sleepers for two years running, Fisher is going ham at Triple-A, slashing .325/.390/.563 with 7 homers and a 35/13 K/BB in 31 games. Unfortunately, due to Houston’s outfield surplus, the only other place Fisher can go ham is at Boston Market, because that is all he can afford with a Minor League per diem of $25.

Brendan Rodgers COL, SS – Don’t forget about Rodgers, who is slashing .365/.388/.566 with 2 homers and a 12/3 K/BB in 15 games at High-A since returning from a hand injury. With Trevor Story struggling, the odds are increasing Rodgers sticks at SS.

Raimel Tapia COL, OF – Hitting over .400 in 24 games at Triple-A, and isn’t hitting the ball on the ground an exorbitant amount of the time either (44.5%). Without Coors Field, his fantasy value would take a major hit, and with Colorado in the playoff hunt this year, I’m a little worried.

Aaron Judge NYY, OF – Just a friendly reminder that I was the only person on Earth (can’t account for the advanced civilization that is living inside of Earth) to have Judge as the #1 ranked prospect in the Yankees system, as evidenced by my off-season New York Yankees Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Prospect Rankings. Would you trade Judge for Gleybor Torres right now?

Cody Bellinger LAD, 1B/OF – Just an unfriendly reminder that I was close to the low man on Bellinger this off-season, but I stand by my analysis of his insane swing when nobody else was really mentioning it. Turns out I should have just been insanely high on it, instead of worrying it was too extreme. Viva la Swing Path Revolucion!

Hunter Renfroe SD, OF – .202/.226/.349 with 5 homers and a 38/4 K/BB in 34 games in the Majors. I know it is the era of the K and everything, but turns out you still have to take a walk every now and then too.

Kyle Tucker HOU, OF – I ranked Tucker in the top 10 in my off-season Top 200 due to his late season power surge, and that has continued into this year with 8 homers in 31 games at High-A. Houston’s High-A affiliate isn’t in Lancaster anymore either, so nobody can just mindlessly dismiss the power numbers.

Andrew Benintendi BOS, OF – On pace for 103/24/108/.328/14 in his rookie season, but I’m sure Texas and Minnesota are just as happy with Dillon Tate (er, 2 months of Carlos Beltran) and Tyler Jay (already being converted back to a reliever), respectively. Please MLB, get better at drafting.

Nick Senzel CIN, 3B – Coming on after a slow start, slashing .339/.397/.516 with 2 homers and 3 steals in his last 16 games. The 20+ homerun power is still a question mark, but the floor is a solid 5-category contributor.

Zack Collins CHW, C – Another top college bat from the 2016 class who is coming on after a slow start, Collins is slashing .324/.415/.500 with 1 homer and a 6/5 K/BB in his last 10 games. More importantly, all reports on his defense have been positive.

Mitch Keller PIT, RHP – Pulled early from his latest start when a bee stung his forearm. I was watching MLB Network last week when host Lauren Shehadi mentioned an ex-boyfriend of hers would sting himself with frozen bees, because bee venom supposedly has some amazing healing qualities. I’m giving it a 50/50 chance that Keller now has a superhuman forearm.

Luke Weaver STL, RHP – Looked strong in his return from lower-back stiffness, going 13 IP, 7 Hits, 0 ER, 0 BB, 9 K in two starts. Between injuries and ineffectiveness, odds are good that he sees plenty of time in the Majors this year.

Josh Naylor SD, 1B – After focusing on contact earlier in his career, Naylor is unleashing the beast this season, slashing .306/.358/.531 with 5 homers and a 22/7 K/BB in 23 games as a 19-year-old at High-A. He hit the ball on the ground almost 50% of the time last season, and he has that number down to 38% this year. Considering his raw power, it is safe to say this is the power breakout we were waiting for.

Jorge Mateo NYY, SS/OF – It might be time to officially jump off the Mateo bandwagon, if you haven’t already. He is slashing .220/.270/.315 with 0 homers and a 38/8 K/BB in 32 games at High-A. The elite speed probably makes him a Major Leaguer, but the lack of hard contact could preclude him from a starting job.

Eric Lauer SD, LHP – Don’t sleep on my boy Eric Lauer, who is putting up a 2.22 ERA with a 10.8 K/9 in 28.1 IP in the Cal League. There isn’t one thing that stands out with him, but he couldn’t have found himself in a better situation than with San Diego and the NL West.

Patrick Weigel ATL, RHP – Everyone’s favorite pitching prospect sleeper was promoted to Triple-A this week. The early numbers on SunTrust Park put it firmly as a hitter’s park, so while it is still the NL East, it’s something to keep in mind with Atlanta prospects in general from here on out.

Scott Kingery PHI, 2B – A recent comment I got from Paste says it best, “Halp! I’m kinda diggin’ on Scott Kingery. Looks like he has joined the launch angle revolution this year and is hitting a TON of fly balls (54.5%) and very few ground balls (24.7%), which is a far departure from his previous seasons in the Minors. Also, he’s showing a much better approach at the dish with an 11.8% walk rate while striking out 22.8%. He’s a smallish dude listed at 5’10” 180, but also has speed to burn. I’d love to hear you and Ralph go in on him and perhaps his teammate at AA Reading Andrew Pullin. Let’s find some sleepers! Shhhhhh” … Sorry, Paste. Couldn’t keep it a secret for very long 😉

By Michael Halpern (@MichaelCHalpern)
Twitter: Imaginary Brick Wall (@ImaginaryBrickW)

8 thoughts on “2017 Fantasy/Dynasty Baseball Minor League Prospects Rundown: Week 5-ish

  1. Hey. Great stuff, thanks. Question: Baseball America just updated their Top 100 and in a Q&A today (May 11), staffer Kyle Glaser explained BA’s snub in this way: “Some of it is PCL wariness (guys who hit .245 in Double-A and then .325 in the PCL raises more than a few eyebrows) and the upside is not as high as other guys. He’s got a chance to be a nice complementary player, but you won’t find any evaluators out there who think he’s a future All-Star or first-division regular. Still a likely big leaguer and fine prospect in his own right.” Anything here that you disagree with? Thanks for the consideration!

  2. What! You can’t spend a few hours trying to figure out a person’s name from no clues? You kids are so lazy. ANSWER: DEREK FISHER! Sorry about that. How embarrassing. But, yeah, BA just updated their Top 100 List yesterday and DEREK FISHER wasn’t in it and then in a followup Q&A, a BA staffer explained DEREK FISHER’s snub this way: “Some of it is PCL wariness (guys who hit .245 in Double-A and then .325 in the PCL raises more than a few eyebrows) and the upside is not as high as other guys. He’s got a chance to be a nice complementary player, but you won’t find any evaluators out there who think he’s a future All-Star or first-division regular. Still a likely big leaguer and fine prospect in his own right.”

    1. haha … looking back, there was enough to put it together! I think they underrate his athleticism a bit, and I also think on a real life list, he is projected to be average at best in a corner OF spot. Also, his HR/SB totals are more valuable in fantasy than in real life where it may come with a poor average and not all that great OBP/SLG. So all in all, it likely (I think there is a better chance than they are giving him credit for though) isn’t an all-star real life player. But with 20/20 potential in fantasy, he is a potential top 50 fantasy hitter.

  3. Phew! I bypassed some good talent to snag FISHER in our draft and just needed to pretend I wasn’t completely foolish in choosing him over–no, I won’t admit it in public!-never, never, never! (Okay…KYLE TUCKER.)

    1. I love Tucker too, but I wouldn’t sweat it. Fisher has a chance to be a very valuable power/speed combo in fantasy. And was a former first round pick, so you know the organization wants him to succeed and thinks very highly of him.

  4. Thoughts on Acuna? He’s owning AA on a short sample size after an aggressive promotion. Will be interesting to see just how aggressive the Braves will be with the kid if he keep dominating.

    1. Basically my thoughts exactly. Braves have been extremely aggressive with their prospects, so it will be interesting to see if that pays off or not. I like it though I think. Let’s get the best players to the bigs if they are that talented. And I do think Acuna is an elite talent

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