Welcome to Imaginary Brick Wall!

At this point, you are probably thinking, “How and why did you come up with that website name?”

To that, I would answer, “A person usually has two reasons for doing something: a good reason and the real reason.”

A good reason is it represents striving to reach your goals despite the seemingly impossible hurdles in your way. I hoped it would inspire both myself and others when they read the name, even if just a little.

The real reason is my first fifteen choices were already taken, it was now going on hour three of trying to come up with the perfect name, and probably most of all, I was literally staring at the brick wall in my apartment at the moment.

What’s in a name, anyway? Am I right (or more like, was Shakespeare right)? Substance is what really matters, and that is what I hope to provide with this website. I will cover a wide range of topics, focused mostly on sports, but also mixed with some TV, movies, music and even random misadventures I may want to pass on along the way. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

By Michael Halpern
Email: michaelhalpern@imaginarybrickwall.com