With the surprise announcement that the greatest TV comedy of all time, Curb Your Enthusiasm, will be returning for a 9th season, I did anything but curb my enthusiasm, as I dove headfirst into the Youtube archives in search of the show’s very best scenes. After watching several hours of hysterical clips, I dumped all of that data into my personal super computer (my brain), and produced a highly scientific top 5 ranking based on three key factors: Hilarity, Relatability, and Memorability. Here are the top 5 Curb Your Enthusiasm scenes:

1) The Weatherman – “I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that you’re predicting rain to clear the golf course for yourself.”

Hilarity – No one scene captures the essence of the show like this one.

Relatability – Even if you don’t play golf (I notoriously don’t), everyone can relate to getting screwed over by a crappy weather report.

Memorability – My friends still randomly send me clips of this scene (you know who you are … Blake).

2) Big Vagina – “He said the problem didn’t lie with his small penis, but rather, with your big vagina.”

Hilarity – Larry’s hand sign for “big vagina” is now embedded in pop culture.

Relatability – Well, I guess it depends on how big your penis and/or vagina is.

Memorability – How can anybody possibly forget this scene?

3) Larry refuses pie from Ted Danson – “Take this fucking piece of pie, and get it out of my face!”

Hilarity –  Watching this scene makes you instantly remember how great this show was/is.

Relatability – Most of us just take a bite when people push food on us … but not Larry.

Memorability –  It isn’t the first scene that comes to mind when you think of Curb, but the clip was too funny to leave out of the top 5.

4) Susie yelling about a doll’s head – “Get me the fucking head, alright, both of you, cause I’ve had it, you four-eyed fuck and you fat piece of shit. Get me the head!”

Hilarity – I’m literally dying of laughter as I’m writing this.

Relatability – I seriously hope this scene isn’t that relatable for you.

Memorability – Susie was a great character, and this scene was probably her most memorable.

5) The Larry David Sandwich – “You have two fishes in the sandwich?”

Hilarity – I’m just now realizing the “hilarity” category is kinda useless. The entire show is hilarious.

Relatability – White fish, sable, cream cheese, capers, and onions. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of that sandwich?

Memorability – Jeff’s little asides in this scene are classic.

*) Larry stare down compilation – Bonus scene (more like scenes) of Larry’s many stare downs, often times accompanied by a well placed, “hmmmmmmm …”

By Michael Halpern
Email: michaelhalpern@imaginarybrickwall.com
Twitter: Imaginary Brick Wall (@ImaginaryBrickW)

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Curb Your Enthusiasm Scenes

  1. Fan of the disabled stall scenes myself. Can’t wait for the next season…too bad all my FF’s aren’t abnormal and don’t get him.

    1. Love that scene. I was watching so many great ones that didn’t make the cut.

      And haha, sorry to hear you are all alone out there, or on second thought, congrats on having so many well adjusted people in your life, ha!

    1. haha … I definitely watched this entire video last night. Leon is great. There were too many good Leon scenes that I couldn’t narrow it down to my favorites. This compilation is perfect though

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