Leading off this week’s Razzball Prospect Podcast, Ralph Lifshitz and I both make a big announcement about moving up in the Razzball world. I’m also writing the blurbs for these podcasts over on Razzball now too, which I will reproduce on Imaginary Brick Wall:

“For the times they are a-changin”

– Bob Dylan

You will soon notice that things are going to be a little different around Razzball, starting with this post. This podcast is one thing that isn’t going to change, though, and Halph is back at it again this week, starting off by talking up Hunter Greene, along with two other prospective two-way talents in Shohei Otani and Brendan McKay. We then shift focus to some of the fast risers on Top 100 lists, including Cody Bellinger, Lewis Brinson, Anthony Alford, and Kyle Tucker. And oh yeah, we also may or may not mention a few of those changes I was talking about before.

Click here for the Razzball Prospect Podcast: Top 100 Update and an Announcement

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