On this week’s Razzball Prospect Podcast, Ralph Lifshitz and I bullshit about some of the notable performances from MiLB Opening Day, highlight the most prospect packed minor league teams, and that’s it. We sign off after that.

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By Michael Halpern (@MichaelCHalpern)
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2 thoughts on “Razzball Prospect Podcast: Minor League Opening Day

  1. Really enjoyed the wrap-up.

    Have you been paying attention to Juan Soto’s hot start? Everything I’ve read has indicated that scouts have been hoping for this type of explosion, and now that the stats finally match the projections, I could see him shooting up prospect lists.

    1. Thanks. Funny you say that, because I bring Soto up on the podcast we recorded last night that posts on Saturday morning. Also tweeted about him yesterday. At the time, he hadn’t struck out in 31 plate attempts. He did strike out once last night. We are on the same wave length.

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