Grey starts the podcast by recounting the harrowing story of his grandparents escaping a concentration camp in Nazi Germany during World War II. It truly makes stressing about things like messed up podcast recordings seem silly. The recording was perfect for this one, though, allowing us discuss Yoan Moncada’s hot streak, Ozzie Albies’ sleeper status, and if Jonathan Schoop will still be underrated next year. Then, we bring on Ralph Lifshitz to argue about the chances an MLB team will actually let Shohei Otani hit, along with talking about Noah Syndergaard, Matt Olson, Kyle Schwarber, and Zack Godley. Finally, please make sure to support our sponsor by heading over to and entering promo code “SAGNOF” for 15% off the highest quality t-shirts in the fantasy sports game. It’s the latest edition of the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast:

Click here for the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Shohei Otani, Yoan Moncada, Noah Syndergaard, and Many More

By Michael Halpern (@MichaelCHalpern)
Twitter: Imaginary Brick Wall (@ImaginaryBrickW)

2 thoughts on “Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Shohei Otani, Yoan Moncada, Noah Syndergaard, and Many More

  1. Just curious, if you were Billy Eppler do you go full in on trying to sign Tanaka as an added piece of incentive to lure Otani this off season? The Angels need some rotation help either way, maybe give Tanaka an opt out after 3 years because of Trout’s expiring contact to give this team an actual window of contention. 1st base was pretty brutal for the Angels this year so offer Otani 3 or 4 starts at first in between pitching starts and let him play all he wants.

    1. I’m guessing that it wouldn’t really make a difference for Otani, but impossible to know. Either way, I think Tanaka would be an excellent signing for the Angels, depending on the price.

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