We don’t want to lead off every podcast by bashing the New York Mets, but they leave us no choice. Grey Albright and I get right into it with the Matt Harvey fiasco, before moving on to discuss the merits of Luis Severino, Freddie Freeman, Gerrit Cole, Andrew Benintendi, Corey Kluber, and many more. I then talk about MattTruss razzing me over winning last week’s Razzball Only FantasyDraft Contest due to a lack of competition. He’s stepping up to the plate and playing this week too, so make sure to JOIN THIS WEEK’S CONTEST and take both of us down. Finally, we close the show by dreading the ramifications of Arizona’s prospective humidor, and ponder what kind of anti-gravity chamber Elon Musk would come up with if he turned his focus to baseball. It’s the latest edition of the Razzball Baseball Podcast:

Click here for the Razzball Baseball Podcast: Matt Harvey’s Suspension and Elon Musk’s Anti-Gravity Baseball Chamber

By Michael Halpern (@MichaelCHalpern)
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3 thoughts on “Razzball Baseball Podcast: Matt Harvey’s Suspension and Elon Musk’s Anti-Gravity Baseball Chamber

  1. Halp! I’m kinda diggin’ on Scott Kingery. Looks like he has joined the launch angle revolution this year and is hitting a TON of fly balls (54.5%) and very few ground balls (24.7%), which is a far departure from his previous seasons in the Minors. Also, he’s showing a much better approach at the dish with an 11.8% walk rate while striking out 22.8%. He’s a smallish dude listed at 5’10” 180, but also has speed to burn. I’d love to hear you and Ralph go in on him and perhaps his teammate at AA Reading Andrew Pullin. Let’s find some sleepers! Shhhhhh

    1. Hey Paste! Great call. Kingery looking very, very interesting right now. Have to take Reading into account, but like you say, the underlying numbers are there. Pullin too. Will definitely put that on the agenda for Saturday’s podcast. Thanks

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