How can something be live and delayed at the same time? I’m not exactly sure, but I’ll be writing it live, and posting it delayed.

5:55 – 7:11 pm

5:55 pm – I tuned in five minutes too early to watch the pre-game show, and now I’m forced to watch 5 minutes too many of Friends. Ross is having a baby, if you were curious.

6:00 pm – The Turner Sports intro montage starts with LeBron throwing down a nasty dunk, Stephen Curry hitting a 3 in a defender’s eye, Bryce Harper smacking a home run, and then … Rory McIlroy putting? Seriously?

6:03 pm – Studio shot opens with Ernie Johnson, Wally Szczerbiak, Seth Davis, and Buzz Williams. Where the hell is Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley?

6:09 pm – Kenny and Charles are in the New York Studio! Phew. Along with Greg Gumbel and Clark Kellogg.

6:15 pm – All of the “experts” like Villanova over Miami (so do I). Is it too late to get those bets in on Miami?

6:20 pm – Texas A&M players saying they are a team of destiny. More like Final Destination.

6:25 pm – Ernie throws it to sideline reporter Allie LaForce. I wonder if changing your last name actually makes people think differently about you. Maybe keeping Michael Halpern is a mistake. Michael LaGenius is the answer! (Or not)

6:40 pm – This pre-game show desperately needs more Kenny and Charles. Send it back to the New York studio already!

6:45 pm – Love Coach K getting chippy when asked about that 0-4 NCAA record on the West coast. His answer didn’t really make that much sense, but who cares!

6:51 pm – Fun fact: I met Wally Szczerbiak at a bar on Long Island one night. Really nice guy. More importantly, the women in his crew were all insanely hot. Legitimate models.

6:59 pm – They are doing a piece with Buddy Hield in the Barbershop while he is getting a buzz and shave. He is trying to do an interview while the barber has a razor around his throat and mouth! Stop talking, Buddy, the interview isn’t worth it!

7:00 pm – The real pre-game show is starting on CBS. I need more TV’s. It is going to be tough flipping between these four great games. Is split screen still a thing on your remote? Sounded like such a great idea when it first came out, and was so horrible in practice for some reason.

7:08 pm – Both channels are in commercial. Maybe one TV is just fine.

7:11 pm – Miami vs. Nova is about to tip off. Catch you guys in a little bit.

7:12 – 9:41 pm
10:04 – 12:15 am

By Michael Halpern
Twitter: Imaginary Brick Wall (@ImaginaryBrickW)

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