How can something be live and delayed at the same time? I’m not exactly sure, but I’ll be writing it live, and posting it delayed.

5:55 – 7:11 pm
7:12 – 9:45 pm
10:04 – 12:15 am

10:04 pm – The refs once again call one of those ridiculous hanging on the rim techs on Maryland. I love 5’7’’ refs deciding when it is safe for 6’9’’ players hanging 10 feet off the ground to land. Officiating in the tournament has been spotty as usual.

10:10 pm – Kobe in the building at the Duke vs. Oregon game! He has gone through some transformation this year, huh. He went from the Black Mamba, to the … um … to an animal that is far more gentle than a Black Mamba. A sheep?

10:18 pm – Plumlee picks up his 2nd foul just 5 minutes into the game. Jeter is going to have to live up to his namesake if Duke wants to win this game.

10:39 pm – Brandon Ingram making a run at that #1 pick in the draft with two huge threes from the top of the key. Then completely bricks the classic “heat check” shot on his third attempt. Gotta respect the heat check no matter how misguided.

11:01 pm – Duke down 5 at the half and they are lucky to be down only that much. Remember when I said Jeter was going to need to step up? He didn’t. The guy has hands of stone. And stones are the ones that should take offense to that comparison.

11:27 pm – It seems like Kansas has been up by 7 for about 10 minutes now. Doesn’t really look like Maryland has a run in them.

11:32 pm – Duke goes down by 11. The good news is that two of my March Madness survivor teammates picked Oregon. Bad news, I hypothetically put down a small wager on Duke if gambling was legal.

11:43 pm – Kansas up 16 with under 4 minutes to play. Game over. Duke down 14 with 10 minutes to play. Game almost over.

12:03 am – Well, I was right that Ingram was going to be the best player on the court, and I was right that Coach K was the best coach, but I was wrong about everything else. Oregon is just a better team.

12:15 am – All the favorites are moving on tonight. I won my survivor pick and lost my bet. Can’t win ‘em all. I would rather survive, so I’ll take it. Can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow night!

By Michael Halpern
Twitter: Imaginary Brick Wall (@ImaginaryBrickW)