How can something be live and delayed at the same time? I’m not exactly sure, but I’ll be writing it live, and posting it delayed.

5:55 – 7:11 pm
7:12 – 9:41 pm

7:12 pm – The camera caught Jim Larranaga tightening up the loafers and pulling the dress socks up high. Looks like he would get out there in full suit and tie if Miami needed him.

7:13 pm – Crowd looks completely empty behind Miami’s bench and jammed packed behind Nova. I guess even NCAA Tournament games have late arriving crowds these days.

7:30 pm – Ryan Arcidiacono is absolutely on fire. He has 13 of teams first 20 points. Timeout Miami. They need to respond.

7:40 pm – And respond they did, with a 12-0 run, capped off with a step back, Angel Rodriguez three. Other than a monster dunk, nothing is as sweet as the step back three.

7:54 pm – Nova player just drilled a shot from like 35 feet. I feel like Stephen Curry has somehow raised the collective shooting range of basketball players everywhere.

8:03 pm – Both games in commercial break. I just bought this Air Purifier for my insanely dusty apartment. If the color on the display is blue, that means the air is pure. Orange means medium pollutants are detected. Bright red is heavy pollutants detected. The thing has been bright red since I turned it on 6 hours ago. That can’t be good.

8:09 pm – Perfect time for the Nova/Miami game to go to halftime, right as my Survivor pick, Oklahoma, builds up a 10-point lead.

8:25 pm – Oklahoma goes into halftime up 19. A&M is going to need another miracle … I don’t see it happening.

8:26 pm – Is there a reason the sideline reporters need to be inches from the coaches faces? Tracey Wolfson was practically in Jay Wright’s armpit during their halftime interview. LaForce was going with the close talker from Seinfeld style. Can’t they just get a slightly wider camera angle to make it normal?

8:53 pm – The air purifier is down to orange! There is hope … for me, but not for Miami. Arcidiacono just nailed another 3 to put Nova up 20 with 5 minutes to go.

9:10 pm – Nova moving on. Cue Wolfson in Wright’s pit.

9:39 pm – Oklahoma moving on. Cue LaForce centimeters from Kruger’s face. Wait, even better! LaForce, Kruger, and Hield are literally arm in arm!

9:41 pm – Air purifier back to bright red. Hope that is not a bad omen for my Duke pick …

10:04 – 12:15 am

By Michael Halpern
Twitter: Imaginary Brick Wall (@ImaginaryBrickW)