Bill Burr is firmly entrenched as one of the best stand-up comedians in the world. He is a mastermind at finding comedy in how men think, and why we act like we do. While being funny is surely his number one goal, what makes him great are that his insights cut on a much deeper level. Some try to pigeonhole Burr as the typical Neanderthal man, but it is that exact stereotype that Burr loves to play on, and ultimately rejects using “hilarious wisdom.”

Five minutes into watching the first episode of Burr’s Netflix show, F is for Family, it becomes clear his signature humor will easily slice through the animated comedy format. Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of many animated comedies. The situations can become too unrealistic and lose ties to any kind of reality. When I mention this criticism to friends, I am told that is the exact reason why they love animated comedies. To each their own. Either way, F is for Family does not fall into these traps.

The show is set around a lower middle class family living in the 1970’s. The humor is anything but outdated though. Much of the show’s humor is filtered through the lens of modern day society and technology. It pokes fun at a bygone era, while managing to hold on to just enough nostalgia to give the show its heart. Focusing on themes like work, family, and keeping up with the Joneses, F is for Family relates to a wide audience.

Season 1 gave viewers just a small window into the thoughts rattling around in Burr’s head. He has not even begun to flex his considerable comedic muscles. If Burr is not enough star power for you, Vince Vaughn is a producer, and Justin Long is the voice of the oldest son. The pieces are in place to make something really special here. I look forward to seeing if Burr and F is for Family can further capitalize on their considerable potential in Season 2.

By Michael Halpern

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