A few weeks ago, The Dynasty Guru did a quick write-up of my Top 50 First-Year Player Draft Rankings, and now I will return the favor for their two separate Top 500 Dynasty Lists. Let’s get right to the tale of the tape:

The Reigning Champ: Bret Sayre (Click here for Sayre’s Top 500)

The OG Dynasty Guru and founder of TheDynastyGuru.com, Sayre plies his trade in the high-ceilinged, marbled hallways of the prestigious Baseball Prospectus organization. With his experience and insider access, he takes a steady hand approach, and will rarely leave himself exposed to the knockout punch. Think Floyd Mayweather.

The Challenger: Tom Trudeau (Click here for Trudeau’s Top 500)

Trudeau makes his bones on the business side of baseball, currently developing all kinds of great business ideas for MLB.com’s business development department. He is a longtime Dynasty player in expert leagues of all shapes and sizes, and is known for his tenacious and unconventional style. He is not afraid to wind up for the knockout blow, and has a puncher’s chance to take home the belt. Think Vince McMahon.

Round 1: Kris Bryant vs. Carlos Correa

Trudeau throws his first haymaker four seconds into the fight, ranking Correa #4 overall and ahead of Kris Bryant who he has at #5. Sayre easily side steps the punch, though, keeping the already proven MVP-level talent of Bryant at #4.

Boxing-style scorecard for Round 1: 10-9 Sayre

Round 2: Gary Sanchez

Conventional wisdom says to be cautious with young catchers in fantasy baseball due to how much they have to focus on defense and the general wear and tear of the position, but it didn’t stop Trudeau from placing Sanchez 28th on his list. The catcher position wasn’t always this weak offensively and it sure seems to be due to have a shortstop-like revival in the coming years. Landing a truly elite hitting catcher can be a difference maker. Sayre has Sanchez at #57, which is a fair ranking, but sometimes you gotta be bold to beat savvy competition. Trudeau lands his first punch.

10-9 Trudeau

Round 3: Trevor Story

Anyone who has read/listened to me for any length of time knows I love me some Trevor Story, so Round 3 easily goes to Trudeau for ranking Story #43, while Sayre has him down at #75. Gotta respect Coors.

10-9 Trudeau

Round 8-ish: Justin Turner vs. Edwin Diaz

I’m noticing established vets get under drafted in re-draft leagues, so you can imagine the discount you can get them at in Dynasty leagues. The experienced Sayre knows not to undervalue very good win now production, ranking Turner 96th, while Trudeau leaves himself exposed by taking a high upside closer like Edwin Diaz at #94, dropping Turner to #156 overall. It’s much easier to figure out saves on the waiver wire and in trades than it is to find all-star level production at 3B.

10-9 Sayre

Round 12

Trudeau maintains his aggressive strategy throughout the list, ranking youngsters like Ozzie Albies and Jharrel Cotton very high, while Sayre sticks with his safe, disciplined approach. None of Trudeau’s homerun punches knock Sayre out in the short term, although they could take a toll on him years down the line in the form of an aging roster and CTE. Remember kids, always choose baseball over boxing, football, MMA, etc …

Final Decision:

I’ll let you decide, this shit’s only for fun. Both lists are excellent and valuable resources for the Dynasty Baseball community.

By Michael Halpern (@MichaelCHalpern)
Email: michaelhalpern@imaginarybrickwall.com
Twitter: Imaginary Brick Wall (@ImaginaryBrickW)