Mid-Season Top 100 prospect list season is just heating up, and Imaginary Brick Wall will be ranking at least the top 100 dynasty/fantasy baseball prospects over the next week. Here are the 2017 Mid-Season Top 100 Dynasty/Fantasy Baseball Prospect Rankings: 42-70:

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42) Triston McKenzie CLE, RHP – With added weight, an uptick in velocity, and continued development of his changeup, McKenzie will be a no doubt top 20 prospect. As is, he already has a great feel to pitch, and the fastball plays up due to his elite release point (he releases the ball super close to the plate). Prime Projection: 3.40/1.17/192 in 188 IP ETA: 2019

43) Estevan Florial NYY, OF – If Florial would have moved to Cuba and changed his name to Luis Robert he would be a lot richer right now. And far more hyped too. He has an elite power/speed combo with legitimate contact issues (30.4% K%), and considering he already has full season ball success, there is a case to be made that he should be ranked higher than Robert. Prime Projection: 84/25/90/.248/.334/.466/25 ETA: 2020

44) Michael Kopech CHW, RHP – It’s a battle of the 100+ MPH fastball vs. the 6.1 walks per nine. This is a bet on pure talent, because the numbers have been underwhelming this year. Prime Projection: 3.48/1.26/210 in 190 ETA: 2018

45) Mitch Keller PIT, RHP – The type of starter who relies heavily on locating his big sinking fastball and is consistently at the mercy of the BABIP gods and infield defense. Keller has a chance to be among the best of those types … that is if he can stay on the field. Prime Projection: 3.42/1.11/174 in 186 IP ETA: 2018

46) Ryan McMahon COL, 1B/3B/UTIL – Turns out that playing zero home games and not having a home ballpark might actually have a negative impact on a player’s season. Dunkin’ Donuts Park was ready to go for this season, though, and McMahon took full advantage by dramatically cutting his K% from 30% to under 20% and OPS’ing .998.  It wouldn’t be the first time slow Dunkin Donuts service caused someone to arrive late. Prime Projection: 83/24/92/.278/.337/.475/8 ETA: 2018

47) AJ Puk OAK, LHP – Puk has pitched as advertised with an elite strikeout fastball/slider combo to go along with control and command issues. Prime Projection: 3.53/1.24/207 in 184 IP ETA: 2018

48) Jay Groome BOS, LHP – Still just 18 years old with consistent mid 90’s heat and a true 12-6 curve. Wayne Cavadi at Minor League Ball had an awesome breakdown of his latest dominant start. Prime Projection: 3.36/1.15/195 in 195 IP ETA: 2020

49) Taylor Trammell CIN, OF – Trammell already cracked my top 100 this off-season because of his elite speed/power combo and solid Rookie ball debut. Single-A hasn’t slowed him down at all either, as he has added homerun power while maintaining a 22.8% strikeout rate and 11.8% walk rate. Prime Projection: 90/17/72/.268/.340/.455/ 28 ETA: 2020

50) Jordon Adell LAA, OF – I ranked Adell 4th in my 2017 Top 36 MLB Draft Fantasy/Dynasty Baseball Prospect Rankings. I had Austin Beck ranked ahead of him on my pre-draft list, but my rankings got razor thin after Royce Lewis, and Beck’s ugly 1 hit, 12 K and 0 BB in 21 at-bat debut has him slipping just a bit.  Prime Projection: 94/25/89/.274/.347/.473/20 ETA: 2021

51) MacKenzie Gore SD, LHP – I ranked Gore 5th in my 2017 MLB Draft Fantasy/Dynasty Baseball Prospect Rankings. Prime Projection:
3.30/1.10/200 in 200 IP ETA: 2021

52) Sixto Sanchez PHI, RHP – If Sixto wasn’t a small righty, he very well might be the runaway best pitching prospect in baseball with an elite fastball and multiple secondary offerings. Baseball Prospectus doesn’t seem all too worried about the height, though, as they just set the market on him in your Dynasty League by ranking him 18th overall on their mid-season update. Prime Projection: 3.33/1.07/182 in 187 IP ETA: 2020

53) Harrison Bader STL, OF – Batting line in last 30 games basically says it all, slashing .344/.385/.659 with 9 homers and a 32/4 K/BB. The high strikeout, low walk thing isn’t the best profile, but Bader makes some of the hardest contact in the minors. It will be fun when everyone acts like he came out of nowhere, meanwhile, it was easy to see this coming for like 2 years now. Prime Projection: 84/23/85/.272/.320/.471/9 ETA: 2017

54) Tyler O’Neill SEA, OF – A man with this kind of bat speed, exit velocity, and neck width can only be held down for so long, as O’Neill has launched 8 homers in his last 14 games. Strikeouts will always be an issue, but hitting the shit outta the ball is one thing you can 100% count on translating to any level. Prime Projection: 76/28/88/.253/.332/.482/9 ETA: 2018

55) Christin Stewart DET, OF – A homerun and on base machine with reasonable strikeout rates throughout his young career. His powerful lefthanded swing is a thing of destructive beauty. Prime Projection: 81/29/93/.268/.360/.490/3 ETA: 2018

56) Jack Flaherty STL, RHP – The major uptick in velocity has yet to come, which would vault Flaherty into ace territory, but his advanced pitchability already has him on the doorstep of the Majors. Prime Projection: 3.55/1.20/178 in 190 IP ETA: 2018

57) Josh Hader MIL, LHP – Stuff is still unhittable but control took a step back this season. Bullpen risk looms larger than ever, but if you own him in a Dynasty League (like I do), you have no choice but to hold. Prime Projection: 3.47/1.29/190 in 180 IP ETA:2017

58) Luke Weaver STL, RHP – On the latest prospect podcast, I assumed Weaver was somehow related to Jered/Jeff Weaver because of how much they looked like each other on the mound (and obviously because of the last name). He isn’t related at all, but it turns out that I’m not crazy, as I dug up this quote from Luke Weaver shortly after he was drafted in 2014: “I model my baseball game after Jered Weaver. No relation, but we could be bro’s one day, but that’s his decision.” Prime Projection: 3.64/1.24/189 in 184 IP ETA: 2017

59) Michael Chavis BOS, 3B – The mediocre 7.4% BB% keeps me from completely diving in head first, but the power, bat speed, and exit velocity are undeniable and the reason Chavis was drafted 26th overall in 2014. Prime Projection: 77/27/89/.265/.322/.485/2 ETA: 2019

60) Bobby Bradley CLE, 1B – The 21-year-old Bradley is quietly having an excellent season in Double-A, slashing .266/.355/.506 with 15 homers and a 69/35 K/BB in 76 games. He cut his strikeout rate from 29.7% last year to 22.5% this year and has a sweet lefty uppercut that is sure to deliver power. Prime Projection: 80/30/95/.252/.350/.489/3 ETA: 2019

61) Nick Gordon MIN, SS –  The poor man’s Amed Rosario in that he should chip in a little bit in every category. His value will probably be tied heavily into where he is hitting in the order and if Minnesota’s power hitters can drive him in. Prime Projection: 88/11/61/.276/.334/.415/17 ETA: 2018

62) Mickey Moniak PHI, OF – Having a boringly decent season at Single-A (101 wRC+), which is what I fear will be the story of his career. Considering his plus CF defense, that won’t be a bad outcome for him in real life, but not so much for fantasy. Prime Projection: 91/15/68/.286/.349/.445/19 ETA: 2020

63) Adam Haseley PHI, OF – I ranked Haseley 6th in my 2017 Top 36 MLB Draft Fantasy/Dynasty Baseball Prospect Rankings. Prime Projection: 86/18/79/.280/.340/.455/15 ETA:2019

64) Brendan McKay TB, 1B/LHP – I ranked McKay 8th in my 2017 Top 36 MLB Draft Fantasy/Dynasty Baseball Prospect Rankings. Prime Projection: 83/22/87/.283/.350/.470/4 ETA: 2019

65) Ian Anderson ATL, RHP – John Calvagno of Notes from the Sally wrote a great breakdown of an Ian Anderson start that sums up Anderson perfectly. I loved his changeup coming out of the draft, and I think mastering that pitch can have him rise above his probable mid-rotation destiny. Prime Projection: 3.58/1.23/181 in 181 IP ETA: 2020

66) Forrest Whitley HOU, RHP – Whitley is a physical beast who carved through Single-A before dropping a no hitter in 5 IP with 9 strikeouts in his High-A debut. I should never doubt a Houston draft pick. … now let me get back to underrating JB Bukauskas. Prime Projection: 3.67/1.25/193 in 200 IP ETA: 2020

67) Mike Soroka ATL, RHP – Just another 19-year-old Braves prospect who is ripping up Double-A. Soroka is putting up a pitching line of 2.55/1.11/73/21 in 91.2 IP, and while he currently doesn’t have the huge strikeout upside, if he is this good already, I’m not going to doubt that he may learn a new trick or two as he gains experience. Prime Projection: 3.51/1.22/173 in 187 IP ETA: 2018

68) Kyle Wright ATL, RHP – I ranked Wright 7th in my 2017 Top 36 MLB Draft Fantasy/Dynasty Baseball Prospect Rankings. Prime Projection: 3.67/1.24/183 in 189 IP ETA: 2019

69) Chance Adams NYY, RHP – Adams has dominated since being converted into a starter just last season, but I am a little cautious of a right handed mid-rotation starter at Yankee Stadium. He is ranked here more for proximity than upside. Prime Projection: 3.77/1.28/ 173 in 176 IP ETA: 2017

70) Corey Ray MIL, OF – When hit tool concerns materialize, it looks a little something like what Ray is doing this year at High-A. He has a minor league career batting average of .238 with 158 strikeouts in 124 games. He is only 22 years old and the speed/power combo is still there, but he has a lot of work to do. Prime Projection: 80/16/70/.242/.318/.432/20 ETA: 2019

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By Michael Halpern (@MichaelCHalpern)
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15 thoughts on “2017 Mid-Season Top 100 Dynasty/Fantasy Baseball Prospect Rankings: 42-70

  1. Damn how the mighty have fallen, Yadier Alvarez not even top 70 when was seen as one of the top arms going into the season. I hate pitching prospects.

    1. No joke. I had him #44 in the off-season and considering his lack of track record it is hard to completely give him the benefit of the doubt. His stuff is still great, so he was close to cracking this list and will be pretty high on the next one. Pitching prospects are the worst.

  2. Do you think there is merit to the approach ATL is taking with pushing their young 19 year olds to AA? As an impartial fan that owns McKenzie, I would like to see CLE take that approach with him… I mean he is absolutely dominating Class A Advanced. Exciting to watch what he could become as he continues to fill out.

    1. Yea, I love it. I think these kids are ready earlier and earlier (at least the elite ones), and teams should look to get them to the majors as quick as possible. I think McKenzie will get the call to Double-A for maybe 4-5 starts to end the year if I had to guess, but who knows.

  3. Is it crazy I’m hesitant to trade Faria for Devers? Im rebuilding he is in win now mode but both are young its a deeper league( majors and minors) so good prospects and SP are hard to come by is Faria pitching above his stuff to start and is Devers an upgrade from Healy or Seager in say 2 yrs? An insight to put my mind to ease ha ha.

    1. hahah … can’t put your mind to ease, but I think you have to pull the trigger. I love Faria and am a big fan, but he can’t touch Devers’ upside. Also look at guys like Cotton and DeGrom who started hot, and then fell back to earth.

    2. Think of it this way, a hitter gets injured, he’s out 6 weeks. A pitcher gets injured he’s out 2 YEARS.

      Always exceptions, like a torn ACL or something, but pitcher injuries can be catastrophic. If you’re rebuilding, you want more lower risk guys. Pitching prospects all start at medium-risk, in my opinion.

  4. I declared my intentions to rebuild, so of course I got some goofy offers. One, however, is interesting.

    I give up Jose Abreu and Kyle Seager. This is quite painful to my current team.

    I would get Ozzie Albies, Anthony Alford, Austin Hays, Alex Jackson, and Jose Urena.

    Overall, I like the package, but the price is a lot of power. Alford is the mystery man to me. Does he have a power upside to go along with speed? Basically, if he’s a 10-HR guy, then this deal doesn’t work for me. If he’s in the 20-HR range, then I think I can take it.

    1. haha, I know what you mean about crappy offers once you say you are rebuilding. It’s ridiculous sometimes. As for the offer, it isn’t bad, but I think it is too much to give up. I would want one more prospect somewhere in between Alford and Hays.

      1. I might be overreaching if I ask for anything more, and I don’t see many guys on his farm that I would drop my lowest guy for.

        It would have to be as-is.

        Not a lot of believers in Alford lately, or he’s just been gone so long that its “out of sight, out of mind.”

        You and Ralph have been higher than most, and I like your guys’ opinions for fantasy. I’m leaning towards taking the deal.

        1. I think it is a bit of out of site out of mind. That is my only guess, because like you said, Ralph and I love him. I don’t blame you for going for it. Albies and Alford are two legit centerpieces, and then the secondary pieces are solid (but like I was saying, would probably want a little more). It is close enough to accept if you are looking to move on and wheel and deal a bit.

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